Guerrilla Hypnosis

Rapid Behavior Profiling


Fast and powerful hypnosis for when every second counts.

This class is a collaboration between World-Famous hypnotist Rich Guzzi and behavior expert Chase Hughes. We will reveal every trade secret and trick to get results in hypnosis, behavior profiling, enhancing suggestibility in anyone, and creating real-life magic.


Fast and Powerful

Rich created Guerrilla Hypnosis in order to achieve rapid results in any setting. From the stage to the street to anywhere at all. Are you ready to take your hypnosis skills to the next level?

  • Hypnotize anyone one-on-one or in large groups
  • Use hypnosis on skeptics and blow them away
  • Get people to hypnotize themselves
  • Learn five ways to take anyone into a trance state and get results
  • Gain attentional captivity through human communication
  • How to recognize suggestibility in anyone
  • Manufacture better subjects by reading the face
  • Getting psychological compliance from physiological movement
  • Use language and levers to increase compliance
  • Use anchors to cause rapid change or influence behavior
  • Learn "The Triple" technique to covertly influence decisions
  • Use rapid needs assessment to 10x your influence
  • Recognize the shadow drivers of behavior
  • Regulate neuro-chemicals
  • Learn how to use hypnotic convincers to deepen subjects on the fly
  • And, so much more...
Learn Guerrilla Hypnosis
the behavior compass

Attentional Captivity

Hypnosis is all about focus. A very powerful way to speak directly to the part of the brain that makes decisions. What if you could just place an idea into someone else's mind and have them believe it was their own? What if you could walk into any room and instantly become the star?

Virtually all training on hypnotic inductions teach endless ways to do complicated processes. Why not show the most efficient way to do a handful of the very best techniques used to perfection. Simple + Potent = POWER. Think of the WORD OF MOUTH advertising your business will receive when your deeply hypnotized clients tell everyone they know about their experience with you!

Guerrilla Hypnosis is not brand new Hypnosis Inductions. It is a philosophy. We use a specialized train of thought and plug it into five techniques that will be used individually for the exact right situation you are encountering. Every technique is distilled down to its most economical wording, and mechanics then perfected for maximum potential. Covert, unconventional, powerful, and efficient Gorilla Hypnosis will turn you into a Hypnotic Machine the moment you walk into any room


There are probably thousands of training programs out there for hypnosis. What's special about my training?

Using the behavioral techniques I've developed for over 20 years with tens of thousands of hours of research and use in the field you can make any modality much more powerful. Why pick a normal hypnosis training program when you can have a super-charged one?


My training was designed for the one-match-left scenario. When there's only one chance to get it right, and you don't have time to explain away failure.

When results count, so does the training.

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Every human is different. And current training systems ignore this. We'll be using elements of the 6MX system to give you the KEY to people you speak to, not a hit-or-miss technique. 

It's All About Human Communication

Because every human is different, we need to develop the skills to change our methods on-the-fly to fit the human that is in front of us.

The reason this system is so powerful is because there's nothing that can produce outcomes with this much accuracy and predictability. Learn how to tailor communication in order to create focus in each individual. 

Rich Teaches You

  • How to Put Your Subjects at Ease
  • Know What You're Selling
  • The Sales Process
  • "The Fatal Four"
  • Five Simple Techniques for Inductions Anywhere
  • "The Triple"
  • The Hypnotic Pre-Talk
  • Anchoring
  • Using Your Voice to Enhance Your Power
  • How to Find the Best Subjects
  • Rapid Inductions
  • The Five Stages of Guerrilla Hypnosis

Chase Teaches You

  • Gaining Attentional Captivity Through Human Communication
  • Recognizing Suggestibility
  • Manufacturing Better Subjects by Reading the Face
  • Getting Psychological Compliance from Physiological Movement
  • Using Language and Levers to Increase Compliance
  • Rapid Needs Assessment
  • The Shadow Drivers of Behavior
  • Regulating Neuro-chemicals
  • Listening for Hypnotic Primers
  • Modifying the Script
  • Covert Profiling Framework
Become a Guerrilla

Meet Rich Guzzi

Rich Guzzi is a 30 year veteran entertainer and comedian specializing in stage hypnosis with thousands of live shows to his credit and millions of fans world-wide.