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Guerrilla Hypnosis & Rapid Behavior Profiling


Join Rich Guzzi and Chase Hughes in a no-holds-barred masterclass.

We will reveal every trade secret and trick to get results in hypnosis, behavior profiling, enhancing suggestibility in anyone, and creating real-life magic.

  • 2 Experts, 4 Modules, Six hours, ridiculous return on investment.

Join Chase Hughes and Rich Guzzi in the ultimate behavior profiling and rapid-impromptu hypnosis training ever.    We will reveal every trade secret and trick to get results in hypnosis, behavior profiling, enhancing suggestibility in anyone, and creating real-life magic.   SUPER POWERFUL TECHNIQUES TO HYPNOTIZE ANYONE, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME.


How would you like to have the skills needed to hypnotize subjects quickly and to a deep state even in non-optimum conditions? Would giving your clients the WOW FACTOR in every session and never again have to hear the statement “I feel relaxed, but I don’t think I was Hypnotized” be of interest to you?


Do you want to have the ability to walk into any room and instantly start hypnotizing people then immediately become the star?


Now YOU can start putting more HYPNO in your hypnotherapy by learning the five most effective ways to hypnotize people quickly and effectively in ANY situation.


Virtually all training on hypnotic inductions teach endless ways to do complicated processes. Why not show the most efficient way to do a handful of the very best techniques used to perfection. Simple + Potent = POWER Think of the WORD OF MOUTH advertising your business will receive when your deeply hypnotized clients tell everyone they know about their experience with you!


Imagine how your local celebrity status will soar when you wow Radio and TV audiences with your hypnotic powers. Be the life of any party as you showcase your skills in impromptu situations that will, in turn, build new relationships with potential partners and clients. Never again be fearful of the difficult subjects who say they cannot be hypnotized.


Guerrilla Hypnosis is not brand new Hypnosis Inductions. It is a philosophy. We use a specialized train of thought and plug it into five techniques that will be used individually for the exact right situation you are encountering. Every technique is distilled down to its most economical wording, and mechanics then perfected for maximum potential. Covert, unconventional, powerful, and efficient Gorilla Hypnosis will turn you into a Hypnotic Machine the moment you walk into any room.


Ready to become one of the elite and take your hypnosis skills to a whole new level? Then take this journey to master the Gorilla Hypnosis Philosophy and learn the only five techniques you will need going forward to hypnotize ANYONE, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME.   AFTER THIS TRAINING YOU WILL KNOW:

  • Hypnotize a client confidently one-on-one to level 6 depth in less than a minute. How to hypnotize a subject in a loud crowded environment.
  • Hypnotize a large group effectively.
  • Do AMAZING radio and TV interviews using Hypnosis on air.
  • How to find the best hypnotic subjects in a crowd Pick the best people to do hypnosis demonstrations in a corporate setting.
  • Funny Hypnosis Convincers that also deepen subjects on the fly
  • Using Hypnosis on skeptics and BLOWING them away
  • Make a group of listeners easy to hypnotize.
  • Walk into any situation and get willing volunteers to try Hypnosis.
  • How to NOT BE the creepy hypnotist
  • The best way to gauge a group of hypnotic subjects at one time
  • How to get a subject to hypnotize themselves
  • Get people watching your hypnosis demonstration to get hypnotized accidentally
  • AND So Much More.  

If you have any questions contact:

Sara Vandiver - Chief Operating Officer

Email - [email protected]

Phone - (833) 658-5872